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COVID Tip: Use Post-Stop to "Flush" Rooms After Each Event

As we all strive for safe ways to return to work, class, worship, and other events, Events2HVAC can help.

How? By helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our buildings.

Most Events2HVAC users set pre-start times for each room or zone to get the room up to “occupied” settings before an event begins. But many do not use the post-stop option. They leave it set at 0 so that HVAC returns to “unoccupied” settings at the end of each event to save energy.

With COVID-19 in mind, adding post-stop times for each room or zone may help to “flush” the air and reduce virus transmission.

The post-stop time adds a custom number of minutes of HVAC run time to the end of every event that occurs in a specific room or zone. For a small meeting room, this might be set for 20 minutes to “flush out” the room after use. For a large auditorium or worship center, it might be set for a full hour to provide fresh air after a college lecture or church service.

So though Events2HVAC does not kill the COVID-19 virus, it can be used as a tool along with additional cleaning to reduce the spread of the virus and allow us all to return to work, class, and worship as safely as possible.


Events2HVAC controls HVAC in individual rooms based on events scheduled in a compatible room-reservation system. This saves energy by running HVAC only in rooms that are occupied. With COVID restrictions in place in many areas of the US, rooms are unoccupied more often, which results in more energy savings. If you would like an Events2HVAC quote for your building or campus, email or call (888) 320-4277 ext. 1.


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