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New Event Provider: MLSchedules

Events2HVAC now supports MLSchedules by MasterLibrary. MLSchedules is an intuitive cloud-based facility scheduling software built for the high demands of school districts. With features like custom forms and fees, staff notifications, payments, and invoicing, now you can manage all of your HVAC scheduling for after-hours events automatically by syncing MLSchedules with Events2HVAC.

Events2HVAC integration enables MLSchedules clients to:

  • Automatically schedule HVAC zones for after-hours events.

  • Reduce or eliminate the tedious process of scheduling HVAC exception schedules based on dynamic facility room requests.

  • Exclude specific event types in MLSchedules from controlling HVAC.

  • Transform static weekly HVAC schedules to follow actual facility room usage to save room occupancy runtime and energy.

  • Link HVAC, door access control, and lighting systems to your MLSchedules. See our device interfaces and supported WIFI thermostat list.

The MLSchedules interface is now available for all Events2HVAC users starting at v1.9.0 or higher. Give us a call for more details (888-320-4277).

We look forward to working with MasterLibrary and MLSchedules customers that are looking to extend their scheduling calendar to save energy and labor by integrating directly to their HVAC systems.

About Events2HVAC

Since 2010 Events2HVAC has been integrating room scheduling software with HVAC, lighting, and security systems to optimize HVAC schedules for facilities interested in energy and labor savings.


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