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Minnesota State University - Moorhead

“My reduction in the last calendar year of electricity usage was 13%, and that is especially remarkable because we added 43,000 square feet to our campus.”


Legacy Christian Church

“It definitely has saved unbelievable amount of hours in regards to scheduling and making sure that everything was turned on when it was supposed to be.”

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Compassion Christian

“If you use EMS, it’s a no-brainer to have this program.”

“When we have our big events, our weekend services, our mid-week services, we just go on and verify that everything turned out like it needed to be. We don’t have to really do anything; it works kind of seamless.”


Chapelwood UMC

“It is working well, and I am not spending my Fridays programming the air conditioning anymore for the following week, which is perfect for me.”


“The automation of it is well worth the cost.”

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