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Events2HVAC is a simple solution to save energy, time, and money.


Most facilities use software to schedule classes, meetings, or events in their buildings. Events2HVAC integrates these schedules to HVAC controls so that rooms are only heated or cooled when they are scheduled for use. HVAC equipment such as air handlers and VAV boxes are automatically returned to "unoccupied" settings between each scheduled event. Events2HVAC can also integrate schedules to several door access systems.

Let's compare two common scheduling strategies to Events2HVAC.


In some facilities, HVAC schedules are manually entered for each individual event, class, or meeting. 


Facility managers using this strategy spend 2-20 hours each week entering HVAC schedules.

Status Quo HVAC Scheduling

Manual scheduling is
labor-intensive and prone to error.

Stop Status Quo HVAC Scheduling

Fixed building schedules waste energy by running HVAC in empty rooms.

Building Schedules

Because of the time required to manually enter HVAC schedules, some facilities resort to
fixed building schedules.

Facility managers using this strategy coordinate with event planners very little or not at all, and set HVAC to unoccupied settings only at night. 

The Solution:

Events2HVAC is a bridge between event schedules and building controls.


Colleges and universities switching to Events2HVAC from fixed building schedules report saving 50-75 cents/sqft/year in energy expenses, cutting energy use 20-40%.

Churches, K-12 schools, and other facilities switching to Events2HVAC from manual  scheduling report saving 2-20 hours per week.

Events2HVAC HVAC Scheduling

Events2HVAC maximizes energy savings, minimizes labor costs,
and eliminates errors.

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