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K-12: Upgrade From SchoolDude To Events2HVAC

SchoolDude was a very popular software suite for K-12 school districts in the early 2000's. Now, after several acquisitions, the software and the company behind it has shifted their focus away from the very things that made them successful. If you are looking for a replacement for the Scheduling and HVAC integration modules of SchoolDude, consider Events2HVAC software as your upgrade path.

Choose the Best Scheduler

With Events2HVAC, you decide what facility scheduling system and vendor is best for your facility. We support several enterprise-class scheduling systems that have been proven in the K-12 space like MLSchedules, ScheduleFM, Mazevo, and EMS Software.

In Events2HVAC, these are called Event Providers. Your scheduler can be interchanged at any time. Or, you can add more schedulers as the need arises. For example, you may use Google Workspace room calendars in some of your conference rooms but your classrooms use a different scheduler.

Vendor-Neutral Integration

Unlike SchoolDude, you aren't locked into a specific scheduler and specific HVAC devices or protocols. Our software was built to be flexible based each facilities individual needs. Your selected scheduling system can control the devices in your room whether they are BACnet HVAC devices, WIFI thermostats, lighting, or door access. We support 30+ room scheduling systems and 13+ device interfaces allowing Events2HVAC to tailored to just about any facility.

Events2HVAC was built to do one thing: Integrate your room schedules to the devices in your room to save energy, time, and money.


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