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Things are getting HOT at SDSU's Aztec Recreation Center

San Diego State University is getting their 3rd implementation of Events2HVAC at their new Aztec Recreation Center. This building has several schedulable spaces for classes and meetings all reserved with EMS software. The space HVAC occupancy is controlled by Events2HVAC using the event schedule from EMS.

One of these spaces requires 3 different types of yoga classes each with their own unique environmental requirements: normal, warm and hot yoga.

Events2HVAC has a the capability to send unique state commands to a single point based on event schedule metadata (e.g. Event Type, Capacity, %Occupancy, etc) using the BACnet "Custom Multistate" action. In this case, they wanted to change the mode of the room (BACnet Analog point) based on how the event was scheduled in EMS Software. In their Tridium system, the mode value determines the assigned setpoint of the room's control system when the room is occupied as shown below.


EMS Event Status

Room Setpoint


Confirmed - Hot Yoga

105 Deg F


Confirmed - Normal Yoga

70 Deg F


Confirmed - Warm Yoga

90 Deg F

In EMS, they created special event statuses -- one for each type of yoga environment. So when they book a yoga class in the space, they can select the proper confirmation status to determine setpoints used for the HVAC control.

Sunbelt Controls created the graphic below in Tridium to allow the customer to see the status of the room and adjust setpoints and parameters for each mode.

Now, facility managers don't have to worry about making room setpoint changes for these special events. All of this is done transparently and automatically by Events2HVAC just by simply booking the space in EMS.


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