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The Price of Status Quo

“Bureaucracy defends the status quo long past the time when the quo has lost its status.” (Laurence J. Peter)


When making business decisions, maintaining the status quo is often seen as the safest and least expensive option. But Events2HVAC users know better.

They have all been where you are: Evaluating energy efficiency options and trying to make the best decisions for their campus, whether university, K-12, church, government, or corporate. Most of them scheduled HVAC in their buildings on a daily schedule, setting it back to unoccupied only at night. A few took on the arduous task of scheduling HVAC for individual events each day to save energy. When they discovered Events2HVAC, they were hopeful, but skeptical.


“Any business today that embraces the status quo as an operating principle is going to be on a death march.” (Howard Schultz)


Some of them were worried that Events2HVAC would inhibit their control. Some were doubtful that the energy savings would be significant. Some were concerned that Streamside Solutions is a small company, rather than a powerhouse like Siemens or Johnson Controls.

But all of them saw that the price of the status quo was too high to ignore, so they took action.

  • Jeff Goebel, Plant Manager at Minnesota State University Moorhead, said it took his employees 17 clicks to make one change in their HVAC schedules. After implementing Events2HVAC, he is saving 10-15 man-hours per week in scheduling time and 45-55 cents per square foot annually in energy costs, with historical costs at $1.75 per square foot annually. That’s about $1 million each year.

  • James Urbanski, Energy Manager at Wicomico County Public Schools in Maryland was manually scheduling HVAC for all after-school events to achieve energy savings. It was working, but he was spending 20 hours per week scheduling HVAC for his 24 schools. After implementing Events2HVAC he reported a 99% reduction in his HVAC scheduling time, cutting it to just 20 minutes every two weeks.

  • Patrick Richardson, Energy Analyst at Appalachian State University, proved 39.7% electricity savings and an ROI of 5 months after implementing Events2HVAC in the student union.

  • Kenneth Miskow, Building Operations Manager at UNC Chapel Hill, decreased electricity use related to cooling 33%, electricity use related to heating 16%, and chilled water use 29% when he implemented Events2HVAC in the Carolina Union.


“The manager accepts the status quo; the leader challenges it.” (Warren Bennis)


The people listed above are leaders, not managers. Their leadership has helped their organizations save money, streamline facility management, and reduce environmental impact. All because they recognized that the price of the status quo was too high to continue scheduling HVAC in the traditional manner.

And they are not alone. Many others have overcome the status quo to reap the benefits of Events2HVAC. Read customer reviews submitted on Capterra.

Do not accept the status quo as the only option. If your campus uses an event management system to schedule rooms, classes, or meetings, it just makes sense to use those schedules to drive your HVAC schedules. Events2VHAC pulls data from these systems and sends commands to your building automation system or HVAC controls to automatically return rooms or zones to unoccupied settings between scheduled events. It is one of the most effective and least intrusive ways to save energy.

To learn more about Events2HVAC and determine if your systems are compatible, email or call (888) 320-4277 ext. 1.


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