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New Interface: ecobee SmartBuildings

We have been doing a lot of Events2HVAC integrations for churches lately. Since many churches use WiFi thermostats rather than a full building automation system, we are expanding our compatibility to give churches more options.

Events2HVAC pulls room schedules from church management systems and sends commands to HVAC controls to automatically control room conditions based on individual room schedules. Expanding to more types of thermostats means we can help more churches save energy, time, and money.


ecobee SmartBuildings

SmartBuildings is a subscription-based application used to schedule ecobee thermostats. It is our understanding that ecobee users who have the older EMS (commercial) application will be transitioned to ecobee SmartBuildings by the end of 2020. ecobee users who use the ecobee Consumer Portal (free) will have the option to continue using it or switch to SmartBuildings. Events2HVAC integration is now possible with any of these ecobee applications.

Here is a list of compatible thermostats:

  • ecobee4

  • ecobee3, ecobee3 lite

  • ecobee EMS Si, ecobee Si

  • Carrier CÔR®Wi-Fi®Thermostat TP-WEM01-A

  • Carrier®Wi-Fi®Thermostat TC-WHS01

  • Bryant®Housewise™ Wi-Fi®Thermostat Model T6-WEM01-A

  • Bryant®Wi-fi®Thermostat Model T2-WHS

Many thanks to The Shoreline Church in San Clemente, CA, for testing our new Events2HVAC device interface for ecobee SmartBuildings. Due to their willingness to help, this new interface is now available to other Events2HVAC customers.

If you are using ecobee thermostats, and you would like to discuss the possibility of integrating your church management system’s event schedules to your thermostats for automated HVAC control, contact or call (888) 320-4277.


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