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Skyrocketing Energy Demand with AI

by Dwight Stewart, May 7th, 2024

As artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics become more entrenched in various sectors, their impact on global energy demand is profound and multifaceted. This rise in energy usage coincides with increased demands from other modern technologies such as electric vehicles.

Escalating Electricity Costs

Electricity prices have been on a steady incline. In the United States, residential electricity prices have risen from an average of approximately $0.1316 per kWh in 2020 to about $0.1475 per kWh in 2022. This represents an increase of roughly 12% over two years​ (Utility Dive)​. These trends are indicative of the broader global shifts towards more expensive renewable energy sources and the phasing out of cheaper but environmentally detrimental fossil fuels​ (EIA Energy Info)​. Projections suggest that these costs will continue to rise, driven by increased demand and the ongoing transition to renewable energy.

AI's Expanding Energy Consumption

AI's computational demands are expected to claim about 25% of the US power grid by 2030, reflecting its deepening integration across multiple sectors and the intensive power requirements of advanced AI technologies​ (IEA)​.

Robotics and Energy Consumption

While robotics enhance efficiency in various industries, they also contribute to rising energy consumption. Technological advancements like dynamic power modes and smart energy monitoring help mitigate this by allowing robots to adjust their power usage based on real-time operational demands. However, the total energy demand from robotics is expected to increase as automation becomes more prevalent​ (RoboticsTomorrow)​.

Strategic Energy Management

The ubiquity of AI and robotics underscores the need for strategic energy management. Smart grid technologies, bolstered by AI, are crucial for handling the increased complexity of energy systems that accommodate diverse energy sources and large volumes of data, ensuring efficient and reliable power distribution.

Reducing Energy Waste with Events2HVAC

In light of rising energy costs, technologies like Events2HVAC offer effective solutions by optimizing HVAC operations based on real building occupancy, rather than fixed schedules. This approach can significantly cut energy usage in buildings, where HVAC systems are major electricity consumers, thus addressing both cost and environmental concerns​ (IEA)​.

Events2HVAC is the Right Tool at the Right Time

As AI and robotics increasingly influence our energy systems, managing the associated rise in electricity costs through innovative solutions like Events2HVAC becomes crucial. These technologies not only help manage costs but also free up the grid to serve all these competing power hungry applications as we move towards a more electrified and technologically advanced future.


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