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New Interfaces: Venstar, JCI-9100, and Trane SF

Events2HVAC now supports Venstar ColorTouch thermostats, Venstar Explorer thermostats, and OEM derivatives such as Trane SF series and JCI-9100 series.

Events2HVAC integrates with Venstar

We added this support per the request of a valued new church client. This development underlines our commitment to continuously evolve our open architecture and partner ecosystem. Our customers and market trends guide our continuous evolution, ensuring our service offerings meet and exceed expectations.

Here is the list of some thermostats using this Venstar technology:


Venstar ColorTouch

Venstar ColorTouch: T7850, T7900, T8850, T8900

Venstar Explorer IAQ

Venstar Explorer IAQ: T3950-IAQ, T4950-IAQ, T4975-IAQ,


Venstar Explorer

Venstar Explorer: T3700, T3800, T3900, T4700, T4800, T4900, T4900 SCH

Venstar Explorer Mini

Venstar Explorer Mini: T2000, T2100, T2050, T2150

Trane SF

*Trane SF: SFTHRTS742WFI, SFTHCTS742WFI, SFTHRTSH742WFI, SFTHCTSH742WFI, SFTHRPM722WFI, SFTHCPM722WFI (Local API option, but not yet tested)

Johnson Controls

* Any thermostats not mentioned above that can register/connect with the SkyPort Cloud or Venstar app should be able to be used if they have a local api settings page in the thermostat settings and can connect via WIFI.  Non-Venstar branded thermostats will need to be verified if their thermostat api is compatible with the default Venstar api.

If you are using Venstar and would like to eliminate 50%+ of your HVAC runtime or eliminate manual HVAC scheduling, then contact or call (888) 320-4277.


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