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New Interface: Mazévo Schedules

Say hello to our newest scheduling interface: Mazévo ( Mazévo (Mah-zay-voe), which means "gather" in Greek, is a newcomer in the scheduling space that offers a fresh new design and state-of-the-art technology for event scheduling. The co-founders of Mazévo, Dean Evans and Bryan Peck, are no strangers to the scheduling space. Dean Evans was the creator of Dean Evans & Associates (DEA) EMS in 1986, the first of its kind enterprise scheduling system. Bryan Peck was Vice President of Sales with DEA and together they have a combined 75+ years in the industry!

Mazévo was engineered from the ground up to be a mobile-first, web-focused, secure cloud application that leverages the most advanced technology available.

Most of new our interfaces are developed at the request of our customers. One of our long-time customers at Tigard-Tualatin School District in Tigard, OR was looking to replace their existing event scheduling system with one that was cloud-based and offered the same or better experience at a competitive price. Another key requirement was to make sure their existing Events2HVAC scheduling interface could be integrated to the new calendar. Streamside Solutions reached out to Mazévo developers and was given immediate access to their API sandbox for evaluation and testing.

The Events2HVAC/Mazévo integration was tested successfully this past summer before their Fall 2021 semester started. TTSD now uses Mazévo room schedules to control Tridium Niagara and Johnson Controls HVAC devices for rooms across their school district.

The Mazévo interface is now available for all Events2HVAC users at v1.8.4 or higher. Give us a call for more details (888-320-4277).

We are proud to be working again with Dean Evans' newest creation and the team at Mazévo!

About Events2HVAC

Since 2010 Events2HVAC has been integrating room scheduling software with HVAC, lighting, and security systems to optimize HVAC schedules for facilities interested in energy and labor savings.

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