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Can Your Integration Do This?

HVAC schedule integration solutions are NOT created equal. There are some home-grown solutions out there that perform at a very basic level. There are some more robust options that are vendor-specific and lock you into one type of HVAC controls. But Events2HVAC is vendor-neutral and includes many advanced capabilities that are not matched by any other integration.

So I ask you, can your integration do this? Events2HVAC can!

  1. Pull schedules from more than 20 different room-scheduling systems, allowing you to switch systems and keep your integration. (See our list of event providers.)

  2. Pull schedules from multiple room-scheduling systems, allowing different departments to continue using the system they prefer.

  3. Send “occupied” and “unoccupied” commands based on room schedules to any modern BAS that is BACnet/IP enabled – you’re never locked into one vendor.

  4. Or send commands to many types of thermostats based on room schedules if you don’t have a BAS. (See our list of supported thermostats.)

  5. Set pre-start and post-stop times for each zone so that rooms are always comfortable when events begin, yet energy savings are maximized.

  6. Or send 24-hours of schedules to a BACnet schedule object to allow the BAS to calculate optimal start times for each zone.

  7. Automatically unlock/lock doors for each scheduled event using OpenPath, Kantech EntraPass, C-Cure, or Johnson Controls P2000 security systems.

  8. Create zones of control to link a room, hallway, exterior door, and bathroom to all go “occupied” when a specific room is scheduled.

  9. Create a “first/last” zone for exterior doors or large, old air handlers that you don’t want to cycle on and off during the day, but go “occupied” for the first event of the day and “unoccupied” after the last event of the day.

  10. Use expected occupancy in your room-scheduling system (if available) to automatically adjust HVAC load or outdoor air ventilation based on % occupancy.

  11. Graphically display your runtime savings compared to previous building schedules to make it easier to calculate energy savings achieved by the integration.

  12. Analyze runtime savings by year, month, group/building, or equipment to get a more detailed picture of savings achieved.

  13. Store the next 7 days of room schedules each day as a backup in case connection is lost to room-scheduling system.

  14. Send an email alert if a command is missed for any reason, allowing facility manager to be proactive to determine the source of the problem.

  15. Automatically re-sync HVAC to room schedules after an equipment failure is resolved, restoring equipment to the correct “occupied” or “unoccupied” state at the current time.

  16. Override commands in the BAS at any time to shut equipment down for maintenance, etc.

In addition to these capabilities, an Events2HVAC subscription includes support to help you implement the software, setup zones of control, add rooms/equipment to your license, monitor the health of your system, and update your software at least once a year.

Contact or (888) 320-4277 ext. 1 for a free Events2HVAC quote.


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