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By Tonya Russell on 9/30/2015 12:29 PM

The return on investment (ROI) for most energy efficiency initiatives is measured in years, but this one is measured in months.

By Tonya Russell on 8/31/2015 8:40 AM

Software is often used to track energy use and perform energy analysis. But the Carolina Union uses it to eliminate heating and cooling empty rooms between events – with a direct impact on the bottom line.

By Tonya Russell on 7/30/2015 11:34 AM
Average occupancy rates for conference rooms in the U.S. range from 30-60%. In most cases, that means heating or cooling systems are running in empty conference rooms 40-70% of each day. How can you stop this energy waste in your building?
By Tonya Russell on 9/15/2014 1:52 PM
Events2HVAC has several features specifically designed to increase confidence and allow flexibility in how facility managers choose to integrate their systems. Recently, Jim Urbanski, Energy Manager at Wicomico County Public Schools, described how he implemented Events2HVAC and tailored it to his specific needs.
By Tonya Russell on 9/15/2014 1:32 PM

When Jim Urbanski, Energy Manager at Wicomico County Public Schools in Maryland, participated in an online demonstration of Events2HVAC, he knew implementation would be easy. After studying the setup manual for just one hour, he began working and in just two days he had 160 rooms setup for automatic scheduling.

By Tonya Russell on 9/15/2014 1:09 PM
Last year, Jim Urbanski, Energy Manager at Wicomico County Public Schools in Maryland, spent 20 hours each week scheduling heating and air conditioning for after-school events. This year he spends just 20 minutes to schedule two weeks of events. That is a 99% reduction in labor hours, and he isn’t done yet.
By Tonya Russell on 5/8/2013 7:23 AM
Appalachian State University tested Events2HVAC in 20 rooms in their student union and found that the electricity savings alone resulted in a return on investment of only five months. How much can your building or campus save on electricity, heating/cooling fuel, and labor combined?
By Tonya Russell on 2/19/2013 2:10 PM
The Washington State Department of Ecology is using Events2HVAC as one component in a building automation effort designed to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Oh, and they will save a lot of money too.
By Tonya Russell on 8/24/2012 11:43 AM
Streamside Solutions is proud to sponsor the sold-out Dean Evans EMS Users’ Conference again this year. Facilities scheduled with EMS that are using Events2HVAC to save money include universities, colleges, churches, and one government agency.
By Tonya Russell on 6/21/2012 2:26 PM
Wayne Pearse, Director of Building Services for Memorial Unions at the University of Kansas, describes his 10 years of experience with event automation using Events2HVAC and it's predecessor, EMS Scheduler.
By Tonya Russell on 2/14/2012 7:57 AM
Susan Hall has peace of mind because she no longer spends hours each week scheduling air conditioning for events already in the church calendar or worries about a family attending a funeral in a hot sanctuary.
By Brian Russell on 9/12/2011 11:09 AM
Events2HVAC representatives will attend the Dean Evans EMS Users' Conference in Beaver Creek, CO, September 19-21, 2011.
By Brian Russell on 5/23/2011 12:47 PM
Dean Evans & Associates recently announced a new version of their powerful scheduling software. EMS District™ is designed for K-12 school districts and is scalable to handle facility scheduling needs for an entire school district.
By Brian Russell on 5/20/2011 1:05 PM

Jamie Schools, Executive Director of Administration at Legacy Christian Church in Overland Park, Kansas, uses Events2HVAC to save time and energy by automating HVAC based on individual room schedules. Schools oversees facilities, finance, safety and security, and human resources for all of three of Legacy’s campuses – and they are soon adding a fourth campus. For him, Events2HVAC is a blessing.

By Brian Russell on 10/10/2010 1:29 PM
At Savannah Christian Church in Savannah, GA, employees and church members are scheduling their own space using Dean Evans EMS® Professional, and Events2HVAC is automatically controlling their HVAC systems so that air is conditioned appropriately only when rooms are in use. They are saving energy and labor, and the automation has freed the facility manager to focus on other responsibilities.
By Brian Russell on 10/8/2010 2:35 PM

Jeff Goebel, Physical Plant Manager at Minnesota State University at Moorhead (MSUM), knew there had to be a better way. He wanted an easier way for his employees to control HVAC equipment across campus. He heard about a software solution called Events2HVAC at a conference and looked it up online. In May 2010, MSUM became a beta test site for the software which works as a bridge between room scheduling software and building control systems to automatically control equipment based on scheduled events. The results have been impressive.

By Brian Russell on 9/24/2010 9:31 PM
Savannah Christian Church in Savannah, GA, has been beta-testing the Events2HVAC software since July, 2010. They have fully integrated 38 rooms in two of their worship facilities; and their room reservation system is now controlling their HVAC equipment througout the building. They plan to expand their use of the software to additional buildings in the near future.
By Brian Russell on 8/6/2010 8:30 PM

Beta site testing of the Events2HVAC product has begun at MSUM!

By Brian Russell on 4/14/2010 7:36 AM
Dean Evans and Associates recently released a Web API for their EMS product line.  This will give customers more flexibility in their method of connection to Events2HVAC.
By Brian Russell on 1/7/2010 7:27 PM

We are looking for 2 beta test sites to be deployed in the next month.

Please contact Streamside Solutions if you have the following site characteristics:

1.  You are using a Dean Evans EMS product and have it installed at your site (not hosted).

2.  If you have one or more of the following building automation system networks:

a.  BACnet/IP
b.  Johnson Controls MSEA
c.  Proliphix Networked Thermostats

3.  You have a dedicated PC or server that can access the EMS database and the HVAC network.

Beta testers will get the use the software free during the test period and will have the opportunity to purchase licenses at a significantly reduced price.

For more details contact Brian Russell @ 970-586-2419 or email sales@events2hvac.com



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