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It's a Major Award!

Jun 27

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6/27/2014 8:53 AM  RssIcon

Streamside Solutions is proud to announce that Events2HVAC has been chosen by BUILDINGS magazine as a 2014 Money-Saving Product in the software solutions and building automation categories. Selected because of the energy and labor savings it offers, Events2HVAC is featured in the June 2014 issue of the magazine and on the website.

Events2HVAC is a unique software solution that pulls data from room scheduling software and sends commands to control heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and security in individual rooms or zones based on scheduled events. It significantly reduces energy use and eliminates redundant data entry associated with scheduling building automation systems or other HVAC controls. To read about the savings experienced by Events2HVAC customers, see the case studies section on our blog.

Streamside Solutions is working to make Events2HVAC compatible with as many different event providers (room scheduling systems) as possible. Currently, we have interfaces for:

  • Dean Evans EMS
  • Collegenet R25
  • AsureSpace (formerly PeopleCube) Resource Scheduler
  • EmergingSoft MeetingPlanner
  • ministrEspace

If you don’t see the event provider you are currently using listed above, please contact and we will investigate to determine if a new interface can be developed.

On the controls side, we currently have the following interfaces:

  • BACnet IP (common communications protocol used by Alerton, Johnson Controls, Honeywell, Siemens, Trane, Tridium and many other manufacturers)
  • Johnson Controls MSEA
  • Johnson Controls P2000 (security)
  • Network Thermostat Net/X Thermostats
For more details on compatible control systems see our Supported Devices List. Again, if you do not see your control system listed or you have questions about compatibility, please send a message to or call (888) 320-4277.

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