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Events2HVAC Is On a Mission

Jun 25

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At Streamside Solutions, we are on a mission to make Events2HVAC compatible with as many HVAC control systems and room reservation systems as possible. Recently, we helped Mission Community Church in Gilbert, AZ, integrate Dean Evans EMS Professional schedules with their Net/X Thermostats, automating HVAC control in 33 rooms. We also extended the number of Network Thermostat products that are compatible with Events2HVAC.

Events2HVAC is now compatible with all of the following Network Thermostat products:

  • All Net/X GE Thermostats (GE22-IP, GE22-WIFI, GE22-SM, GE22-N2, GE22-NX)
  • All Net/X HP Thermostats (HP32-IP, HP32-WIFI, HP32-N2, HP32-SM, HP32-NX)
  • Network Controller for XBus™ & StrongMesh™ Systems (NT-IPXB)
  • BACnet-IP Gateway for XBus & StrongMesh (NT-BAC/IP)*

Using wireless or IP-based thermostats such as those listed above offers facility managers who want to integrate their room schedules with their HVAC systems several advantages. First, it is easy to replace a traditional thermostat with a wireless thermostat. It is also inexpensive because you do not need an electrician to wire the thermostat back to controllers. But most importantly for smaller facilities or facilities on a tight budget, using these thermostats allows you to take advantage of the energy and labor savings Events2HVAC provides without investing in an expensive building automation system.

The diagram below illustrates how Events2HVAC works with these products.

  1. Events2HVAC uses one of its Event Provider Interfaces to pull schedules from the room reservation system. (Interfaces are available for Dean Evans EMS, CollegeNet R25, AsureSpace ResourceScheduler, EmergingSoft MeetingPlanner, EmergingSoft Smart Scheduler for Microsoft Exchange Server, and ministrEspace/Cool Space).
  2. Schedules are then consolidated for each room or zone that is setup in Events2HVAC, and commands are queued up for the next 24 hours.
  3. As the scheduled time for each command comes due, Events2HVAC uses its Net/X Device Interface to send commands to the Net/X Thermostats.
  4. In the case of the Net/X Controllers, commands are sent through Net/X Port Sharing.
  5. If there are rooms served by other HVAC systems set up in Events2HVAC, commands will go out to those systems when they are due. (Please see our Supported Devices List to look up compatible systems, or email sales@events2hvac.com to inquire about compatibility.)
  6. If a command fails for any reason, Events2HVAC sends an email to the facility manager to alert them to the failure. The facility manager can then take action to determine the cause of the problem and/or manually adjust the appropriate equipment.

When customers approach us inquiring about systems with which Events2HVAC is not compatible, we research the systems to determine if an Events2HVAC interface for it can be developed. If we determine that the interface is possible, we then determine the programming time and effort required to develop the interface, and prepare a quote for the potential customer. Several of our interfaces have been developed in the way, each one helping us get closer to our mission of making Events2HVAC as flexible as possible for our customers.

*Not yet tested, but should be compatible our BACnet/IP device interface.

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