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Top 5 Ways Events2HVAC Saves Money

Jun 16

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Events2HVAC event automation software pulls data from room scheduling software and sends commands to HVAC, lighting and security controls to automatically control the environment in individual rooms or zones based on scheduled events. The software is helping facilities and campuses across the US save money in multiple ways.

  1. Reducing energy use.

Events2HVAC saves energy because rooms that are not scheduled for use are set to unoccupied settings, saving both electricity and fuel related to heating, cooling and lighting. Though many facilities and campuses are already setting back temperatures overnight, they often run buildings at occupied settings all day long, even though individual rooms may only be used 30-50% of the daylight hours. Setting HVAC and lighting to unoccupied during the day with the rooms are not in use can significantly decrease energy use.

  1. Extending useful life of equipment.

Nothing lasts forever. Like all equipment, HVAC and lighting systems have limited useful life. At some point, they will need to be replaced. Why not put those expensive replacements off as long as possible? By running your equipment less frequently throughout the day with Events2HVAC, its useful life will be extended. How long it will be extended depends on the equipment itself and many environmental factors. But if you can use your equipment for an additional two to five years before replacing it, that is a significant savings.

  1. Reducing labor hours associated with redundant data entry.

Many facility managers spend 10-20 hours per week scheduling their building automation systems (BAS) or HVAC controls. But often the same schedules already exist in the campus room scheduling software. Entering the schedules again is a time-wasting activity that Events2HVAC eliminates. What could you do to help your facility run more smoothly and efficiently if you suddenly had an additional 10-20 hours per week to focus?

  1. Eliminating human scheduling errors.

People make mistakes. Entering schedules twice into two separate systems doubles your chance of scheduling errors. With Events2HVAC, schedules are entered only once in the room scheduling software by those who set the reservations. Events2HVAC then pulls those schedules and sends commands to the HVAC, lighting and security systems that have been selected for automatic control. Since errors are less likely, facility managers spend less time correcting those errors after receiving urgent, frantic phone calls from event planners or facility users. This reduces stress and saves time for all stakeholders – and time is money!

  1. Giving facility managers time to focus on important projects.

Today’s facility manager is a highly-skilled professional who has much to offer to the organization. They collaborate on new construction, sustainability efforts, building renovations, and many other projects that directly affect the welfare and profitability of any organization. Events2HVAC frees up facility managers’ time so that they can spend more time on the projects that really matter, and less time entering HVAC schedules or responding to urgent calls about locked doors or hot/cold rooms. When the facility manager has more time to contribute to high-level projects and planning, the whole organization benefits.

To learn more about how Events2HVAC can help you save money for your facility or campus, please visit our Events2HVAC website. If you would like to receive a quote for your facility/campus or schedule an online demo of Events2HVAC, please contact

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