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How to Increase Your Events2HVAC Savings

Jan 30

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1/30/2014 10:17 AM  RssIcon

Pop Quiz:

Which campus will save more money?

a.  Campus with no Events2HVAC implementation
b.  Campus with Events2HVAC running heating and cooling in the student union
c.  Campus with Events2HVAC running heating, cooling, lighting and door locks campus-wide

I’m pretty sure you guessed that the correct answer is “c.”

Events2HVAC is not just for student unions. It is a solution that multiplies benefits when you expand its use across your campus. You have already made the investment in the software. It is installed and running. Why not capitalize on your investment this year by expanding Events2HVAC to additional buildings to cash in on energy savings?

Granted, other buildings on campus might not be your responsibility. But have you shared the results of your Events2HVAC implementation with other facility managers on campus? Helping them save money will help the whole system of which you are a part – and you might even get some recognition for it!

Here are the steps you need to follow to expand your Events2HVAC implementation to additional buildings:

  1. Make sure the HVAC systems in the building(s) you want to add are compatible with Events2HVAC.
  2. Convince other facility managers or executives, if necessary. (We can help with this! Call us for a demo or use the methods in the Potential Savings Whitepaper to estimate savings. Then use the Building Upgrade Value Calculator to calculate ROI and other metrics and put them in a letter using terms decision makers understand.)
  3. Determine the number of rooms you need to add to your Events2HVAC license.
  4. Call Streamside Solutions at 1-888-320-4277 (or email sales@streamsidesolutions.com) to let us know how many rooms you want to add to your license and/or send us a purchase order.
  5. Add the new rooms to your event provider software if they are not already in the system (Dean Evans EMS, CollegeNet R25, etc.).
  6. Add the new rooms to Events2HVAC and connect them to their servicing equipment.
  7. Enjoy being the hero who helps save energy and money!

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