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New Event Provider: AsureSpace

Jan 29

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1/29/2014 10:06 AM  RssIcon

Streamside Solutions has developed a new Events2HVAC™ event provider for AsureSpace™ Resource Scheduling Software (formerly PeopleCube Resource Scheduler), a popular room scheduling software by Asure Software.

An event provider is a software component that links the Resource Scheduling data to the Events2HVAC application. Events2HVAC periodically queries AsureSpace Resource Scheduler to determine what events are scheduled for the day and which rooms will be used for those events. Events2HVAC then sends the appropriate commands to control HVAC in all rooms that are mapped to specific equipment in Events2HVAC, as required by the room schedules.

The new event provider is currently being tested at Casas Church in Tucsan, AZ in 90 rooms. Upon completion of the testing, the new interface will be available along with the growing list of supported reservation systems.

To learn more about how Events2HVAC works with room scheduling software and building automation systems to help facilities save money, visit these resources:

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