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Battle of the Buildings

May 23

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The Energy Star Battle of the Buildings competition is a great opportunity for facility managers of all types of buildings to track and receive recognition for their energy efficiency efforts. If you are using Events2HVAC – or soon will be – we encourage you to participate!

The deadline to enter the contest is May 31, 2013, which is only a week away. So if you are interested in competing, read this FAQ and follow these instructions to register.

To enter the contest, you must have historical energy data for 2012 available for the building(s) that will be competing. You must enter the historical data into Portfolio Manager, an online tracking and comparison tool.

During the competition, which officially begins August 2013, you will enter 2013 data into Portfolio Manager three times – at the start, mid-point, and end of the competition. Your data will be compared to your historical 2012 data and to data from similar buildings.

Buildings that achieve 20% energy savings during the time period will receive special recognition, and a “Biggest Loser” prize will be awarded to the building with the biggest energy reduction.  If you were previously setting your building back to unoccupied only at night, and you switch to event-driven HVAC with Events2HVAC, you can probably achieve 20% savings or more. Appalachian State University recorded 39.7% savings in electricity alone in their recent 20-room test of Events2HVAC.

Even if you don’t win, you are sure to learn a lot from this competition. It is truly a case where everyone who actively competes is a winner.

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