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May 6

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To help facility managers save money and achieve energy efficiency goals, Streamside Solutions is reducing the price of its popular event automation software, Events2HVAC.

Colleges, universities, churches and government agencies across the US are using this software to save energy by running heating and cooling in individual rooms only when they are scheduled for specific events (i.e. classes, meetings, church services, etc.). Events2HVAC pulls data from room scheduling software and sends commands to HVAC systems to automatically control them based on schedules. It can also control lighting and electronic door locks.

The Events2HVAC pricing structure has been streamlined and simplified. Here are the highlights of the changes effective May 1, 2013:

  • Up-front costs are 30-35% less, depending on the size of the implementation.
  • Facilities can purchase Events2HVAC licenses for exactly the number of rooms they want to control, rather than buying at least 10 rooms at a time.
  • Licensing tiers have been restructured for volume discounts for larger implementations.
  • Service and support options for subsequent years have been streamlined and now correlate directly with the volume-discount tiers established for licensing.

If you have an old quote for Events2HVAC and would like to receive a new quote for your facility with the restructured pricing, please send an email message to or call (888) 320-4277.

This is a great opportunity for facility managers of campuses large and small to save money on a solution that will continue to cut your utility bills for years to come.

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