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New interface option available for connection to Dean Evans EMS data.

Apr 14

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With Dean Evans' recently released EMS API v1.1, you will now have two options for connecting Dean Evans EMS software to the Events2HVAC software.

Method 1 - SQL Connection

The standard method of connection is using a SQL Server direct connection from Events2HVAC clients to the Dean Evan EMS SQL database.


  • Faster and more efficient data transfers
  • More data features available
  • Faster displays of data at the user interface level
  • Allows more flexibility to retrieving the necessary data


  • Requires opening up your SQL server to other clients via Port 1433
  • IT security requirements may not allow SQL connections external to your intranet
  • Future changes to the database schema can break the data interface to Events2HVAC


Method 2 - EMS API Connection

The alternate method of connection to Dean Evans is using their web API.  This API uses web services or SOAP/XML to communicate with 3rd party software.  This API keeps the data interface consistent and standardized regardless of any future changes to the database schema or the implementation of the data on the server.


  • Data interface is standardized.
  • Port 80 (HTTP) is used for transmission instead of the SQL Server port 1433.
  • Easier to allow connection external  to intranet or firewall.
  • Better option for a hosted EMS server.


  • Inefficient data transfer.  Data is sent and received via XML text.
  • Slower response at the user interface level due to network latency delays.
  • Some data may not be available vs a straight SQL connection.
  • Data available depends on the web API.


The EMS API is installed on a web server with access to the Dean Evans EMS database.  The API software and installation instructions are available from Dean Evans and Associates.

Web API - 

  • EMS Workplace 5.1/5.21
  • EMS Campus 2.1/2.2.1
  • EMS Enterprise 5.1/5.2.1
  • EMS Legal 5.1/5.2.1
  • EMS Professional 11.1
  • Port 80 (HTTP)




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