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SmartScheduler Gives Honeywell a Slick Solution

Oct 1

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10/1/2012 8:35 AM  RssIcon

At the Honeywell Learning Center in Golden Valley, Minnesota, building automation professionals can now experience facility scheduling with all the bells and whistles. Well…fans, lights, door locks, and digital signs at least.

SmartScheduler is a new integrated software product that links EmergingSoft’s MeetingPlanner scheduling software to Honeywell’s Enterprise Buildings Integrator™ (EBI) controls system, using Events2HVAC. Events2HVAC pulls schedule data from MeetingPlanner and sends commands to the Honeywell EBI system to automatically control HVAC, lighting and security based on room schedules. The system is now installed at the Honeywell Learning Center, where it is controlling HVAC, lights, and electronic door locks within the facility. Visitors can actually see doors unlock, fans begin turning, and lights turn on at a specific time based on events scheduled in MeetingPlanner. With EmergingSoft’s digital signage also integrated into the system, visitors can see individual room schedules on a digital sign or iPad mounted at a room entrance, and make changes to the schedule on the spot. 


“It’s really professional and works seamlessly with the Honeywell solution,” said Matt Quinn, CEO of EmergingSoft. “I was there today, and they are really excited about it.”

The Honeywell Learning Center is a demonstration and training facility for building automation professionals. But as Quinn explains, before SmartScheduler, Honeywell didn’t have a sophisticated scheduling option to showcase.

“They don’t have any option for enhanced scheduling or any real end-user driven scheduling with their building systems,” said Quinn. “The EBI and Tridium solutions are world class products, but they don’t really have an effective way to get live schedule data driven by end-users into the system.”

With SmartScheduler powered by Events2HVAC, Honeywell can now offer building owners, building automation professionals, and facility managers a “bridge” between event scheduling and building controls. Adding MeetingPlanner and digital signage to the system provides a powerful, sophisticated, fully-integrated solution for event management and control.

The digital signage option works with commercial signs that hang in front of large conference rooms or even with an iPad locked into signage mode and mounted on a wall. The sign presents schedule data for a specific room. One nice feature is that if no one shows up for a scheduled meeting, the meeting can be cancelled and the room returned to unoccupied mode right from the digital sign.

Quinn said it is Honeywell’s intention is to extend SmartScheduler so that it becomes an option for all Honeywell building automation systems, even their lower-end Tridium solutions.

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