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Labor of Love?

Sep 12

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Managing a student union on a college campus or several buildings on a church campus may be a labor of love. But who wouldn’t want to reduce the labor and increase the love?

Looking back at the 14 implementations of Events2HVAC to date, I noticed that the vast majority of the first contacts were focused on the need to streamline HVAC schedules from a labor perspective, rather than from an energy efficiency perspective.

Energy efficiency gets all the press, but freeing up employee time to handle other tasks is more often the goal that drives facility managers to look for a solution.

So how does Events2HVAC save labor?

The first and most obvious answer is that if event planners are scheduling events in an event management system, and then the facility department is scheduling HVAC, lighting, and/or security systems in a building automation system (BAS), you are wasting labor. Events2HVAC can pull schedules from the event management system (event scheduling software) and send commands directly to HVAC, lighting and security systems, eliminating hours of data entry.

At Minnesota State University Moorhead, for example, they estimated that they began saving 10-15 man-hours of data entry per week after implementing Events2HVAC. That figure is probably higher now as they have added additional buildings and systems to their implementation.

Similarly, Chapelwood United Methodist Church is saving several hours of data-entry time each Friday as a result of using Events2HVAC. But perhaps more important is the human errors that they are avoiding, resulting in more love and less stress. Because HVAC systems are integrated to event schedules, funerals services are not too hot, and school rooms are not running in the summer when there are no students present.

After adding a security system (electronic door locks in a classroom building) to their Events2HVAC implementation, Minnesota State University Moorhead discovered two more ways this integration can save labor. The university staff who used to lock and unlock rooms in that building were freed up to accomplish other tasks; and the janitors who clean the building reported that the rooms were faster to clean because students were not using them between classes.

How much labor could you save for the facility you love?

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