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Renovation: An Opportunity for Process Improvement

Aug 22

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"We need to change the perception that renovating buildings is actually a cost; while in fact it is an investment opportunity which has enormous return of investment." (Oliver Rapf, Executive Director, Buildings Performance Institute Europe)

I heard this quote in a YouTube video titled “Energy Efficiency in Buildings: Balancing Costs with Savings,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Like most projects, building renovation can be approached from several different perspectives. One common approach is to focus on goals for the types of spaces from a users’ perspective, as reflected in these renovation goals for the Sarratt Student Center at Vanderbuilt University. Another approach is to focus on energy efficiency goals, as is common in lighting and HVAC retrofit projects. Sometimes, renovations include goals for changing the use of spaces, improving energy efficiency, and adding aesthetic value all at the same time.

But rarely do planners consider renovation as an opportunity to streamline facility processes.

Why not?

Streamlining processes through building automation can offer a big return on investment too.

As an example, consider the case of Minnesota State University Moorhead, which is saving 10-15 man-hours per week by automating their HVAC scheduling.

Or consider Legacy Christian Church, which is saving “unbelievable amount of hours” with the same labor-saving integration.

What is this integration?

Events2HVAC is a software solution that pulls data from event scheduling software and sends commands to HVAC, lighting, and security systems. It eliminates the redundant data entry associated with scheduling building automation systems, while simultaneously reducing energy use. (Here is a short video that describes the software in more detail.)

This is just one example of how building automation solutions can streamline processes for a return on investment that goes beyond energy savings. I am certain that there are many others. Architects, building engineers, facility managers, energy managers, energy service companies, and other facility planners would do well to think about the potential for streamlining processes along with the energy efficiency goals that are more commonly sought in building renovations.

Download our HVAC specification if you are interested in adding Events2HVAC to your building project.

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