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New Features Coming in v2.0

Sep 26

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9/26/2011 3:25 PM  RssIcon

We are currently working on some significant changes and new features for the next major release, version 2.0 in Q1 of 2012.  Here's some highlights of things to come:

Building Level Scheduling

Schedules for the first and last events in all rooms that are contained in a building can be used to trigger equipment actions.  With this feature you can unlock doors to the building prior to the first event and lock everything up at the end of the last event.  You can also do the same with large AHU's that you don't want to cycle on/off for individual events.

Also, if your event provider supports building occupancy scheduling, you can trigger actions on building open and close times.

Room Zone Scheduling

Using the same concepts above for building scheduling, you can do the same for all rooms that are assigned to an equipment item.  You will be able to trigger an action on the first event in the zone and the last event in the zone.

Multiple Event Providers

The framework for supporting multiple event providers instead of only one per installation will be put in place.  This will allow source scheduling information from multiple vendor platforms to schedule your HVAC systems, door access, and lighting.

Schedule Caching

Event provider scheduling and room information will be stored locally in an internal database and synced with remote sources only when needed.

Keep the ideas coming and we'll get them implemented if they make sense!

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