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Five Reasons to Integrate with Events2HVAC

Sep 12

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Events2HVAC is focused on saving energy, but did you know it can also save employee's time and reduce wear and tear on equipment? Here are five important reasons to integrate with Events2HVAC:
  1. Your facility will save money by reducing energy use. This is the main driver for most Events2HVAC customers. Facilities everywhere are facing rising energy costs, pressure to "go green," and a very real need to reduce operating expenses. Events2HVAC reduces energy use and saves money by running HVAC equipment only in rooms that are scheduled for use. Depending on the size of your facility and the type of HVAC equipment you are using, Events2HVAC might pay for itself within a few months--but the savings will continue for years to come.
  2. Facility workers will be freed from redundant scheduling to concentrate on more significant tasks. Rather than spending 3-5 hours each week coordinating event or room schedules with HVAC schedules, facility workers can use that time to focus on repairs, maintenance, or new construction.
  3. You have invested in an expensive building automation system; why not make it pay for itself? Many facilities already have a building automation system from Siemens, Johnson Controls, Honeywell, etc. Many also already have a robust event management system such as Dean Evans EMS or CollegeNET R25. Investment in these systems is valuable, but adding Events2HVAC to integrate them together will create savings that will help you pay for them much faster.
  4. It will reduce on wear and tear on equipment.  Running HVAC equipment only when specific rooms are in use rather than from 7 am to 8 pm for an entire building will reduce wear and tear on equipment.  Replacing HVAC equipment is expensive.  Anything you can do to extend the life of your equipment saves you money.  With Events2HVAC you can reduce the burden on your equipment by running it only when rooms are in use.
  5. The users of each individual room will be responsible for scheduling their own energy and comfort. Events2HVAC removes human error from HVAC scheduling. If a room is properly reserved in the room reservation software, it will automatically be at a comfortable temperature when the meeting or event begins. There will be no mistakes due to a facility worker forgetting to schedule HVAC equipment or hitting the wrong key when entering data into the building automation system.

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