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DEA Announces EMS District™

May 23

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Dean Evans & Associates recently announced a new version of their powerful scheduling software. EMS District™ is designed for K-12 school districts and is scalable to handle facility scheduling needs for an entire school district.

School districts that purchase and use EMS District will have the opportunity to extend the value of their investment by linking their schedules directly to HVAC control systems with Events2HVAC™. Events2HVAC saves energy and labor by directly controlling heating and cooling systems based on room schedules, so that systems are automatically returned to unoccupied settings when rooms are not in use.

Using one scheduling system across an entire school district will allow administrators to maximize the use of their facilities for school and community programs. School administrators will also be able to create invoices and track payments for rental fees when school spaces are used for other types of activities.

Streamside Solutions is looking forward to helping school districts save money by integrating Events2HVAC™ with EMS District.

Read more about it on the Dean Evans web site http://www.dea.com/NewsAndEvents/Article350.aspx

About Events2HVAC™

Events2HVAC Event Automation Software (www.events2hvac.com) is designed to save your facility energy, labor, and money by integrating your facility's event/room reservation system directly to the room's environmental controls.

Lighting, door access, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning can all be turned on and off or adjusted automatically based on the scheduled events for that room. 

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