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Coming Soon: NetworkThermostat™ Net/X Device Interface

Nov 9

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Network Thermostat, Inc.Streamside Solutions is developing a new device interface to compliment the array of HVAC interfaces available to Events2HVAC™ users.  The new interface will command Net/X Thermostats by NetworkThermostat™, Inc.  With this integration, Dean Evan EMS® scheduled events will automatically set the thermostat in day (occupied) mode prior to an event, and then to night (unoccupied) mode when the event has ended.

Net/X thermostats are a simple and cost-effective building automation solution for direct room control of HVAC equipment using a one- or two-stage thermostat for heating and cooling or heat pump control. The thermostats come in wired and wireless models. NetworkThermostat™ was given the Best Building Automation Product award at the 2010 Worship Facilities Expo (WFX).

Streamside Solutions is excited to offer this solution and looks forward to working with NetworkThermostat and it's customers to fully complete the facility scheduling loop.

We currently have one beta site that will be assisting in testing the new interface. We would like to find another beta test site that has the following characteristics:

  • Uses Dean Evans EMS for scheduling (any product edition)
  • Uses Net/X SSAxx Controllers with IP232 Ethernet adapters and any number of Net/X thermostats
Beta test sites can purchase Events2HVAC at a special discounted rate after testing is complete. Please call 970-586-2419  or email to request to be a test site.

Update 1/11/2011:
Initial development and in-house testing has been completed and on-site beta testing is starting.  We have 1 beta test site signed up and are still looking for more.

Update 2/9/2011:
On-site beta testing started on 1/28/11.

Update 5/1/2011:
On-site beta testing completed.

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About NetworkThermostat™

Since 1995, NetworkThermostat™ has been a pioneer and an industry leader in providing communications-based thermostat solutions for residential, small businesses, commercial, light industrial and controls and equipment OEM customers. The company’s product line combines the features of programmable thermostats in a convenient, sophisticated and simple product solution while adding the benefits of reliable communications for HVAC equipment control, using wired and wireless connectivity over a LAN or the Internet, anywhere and anytime, to maximize energy savings while providing comfort to the occupants.  • PO Box 3161, Grapevine, Texas 76099  • (866) 563-0711

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