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Events2HVAC Software Public Release

Oct 31

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Events2HVAC Software Public Release

Estes Park, CO - October 31, 2010

Facility managers are looking for creative ways to increase the productivity of employees managing facility operations, while simultaneously looking for ways to save energy and cut costs.  Using Events2HVAC to integrate Dean Evans EMS with your facility's HVAC system permits true automation of facility operation schedules.  Schedules are entered and maintained in one place, and energy is used only when rooms have been reserved and are occupied.

HVAC energy costs represent the majority of the total cost of building operation. If you can shut down ventilation when a room is unoccupied, you will save energy from the fan, heating, and cooling for the room throughout the year. The energy savings that can be achieved using Events2HVAC can be enormous depending on how equipment was scheduled prior to the integration.

Facility managers know scheduling equipment at the room level saves money. But often the labor involved to manage HVAC schedules and keep them synchronized with room bookings makes it unrealistic. So a balance is usually established between energy use and labor hours, which often results in equipment running more than necessary and employees spending too much time adjusting equipment settings manually. Events2HVAC provides the best of both worlds -- optimum energy conservation with minimum labor. 

Events2HVAC currently integrates with the following event management products:

Events2HVAC can command HVAC systems and devices with the following protocols and vendors:

  • BACnet/IP compliant HVAC networks and devices
  • Proliphix NT Series Network Thermostats
  • Johnson Controls MSEA networks
  • Johnson Control P2000 Security System door card access terminals

Streamside Solutions will be expanding the interfaces compatible with Events2HVAC in future releases.

Streamside Solutions is a software and service provider for the HVAC controls industry. We have been providing software solutions and services since 1998.

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