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New Integration: Honeywell Home

Nov 20

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We are adding yet another device interface to Events2HVAC to allow us to serve more churches and other types of facilities that don’t have a full building automation system.

The Honeywell Home application is used to schedule several types of Honeywell thermostats. These thermostats are focused on home use, but churches are using them too. We’ve had several inquiries from churches about connecting to these thermostats, so we decided to move forward with developing an Events2HVAC interface for them.

Events2HVAC pulls room schedules from church management systems and sends commands to HVAC controls to automatically control room conditions based on individual room schedules. Expanding to more types of thermostats means we can help more churches save energy, time, and money.

Here is a summary of the thermostats that can be used with Honeywell Home:


T5 Wi-Fi Thermostat

T5 Smart WiFi Thermostat


Round Smart Thermostat - Lyric

The Round Smart Thermostat (Lyric wireless)

T6 Pro Wireless Thermostat

T6 Pro Wireless Thermostat

D6 Pro Thermostat

D6 Pro Ductless WiFi Thermostat


T9 Smart Thermostat

T9 Smart WiFi Thermostat

T10 Pro Thermostat

T10 Pro WiFi Thermostat



The new Events2HVAC device interface for Honeywell Home is currently being tested at Generation Church in Mesa, AZ. It will be available for other Events2HVAC users by January 1, 2021.

If you are using Honeywell Home, and you would like to discuss the possibility of integrating your church management system’s event schedules to your thermostats for automated HVAC control, contact sales@events2hvac.com or call (888) 320-4277.

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