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2015 Events2HVAC Customer Survey Results

Jan 23

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We asked our customers to tell us their primary goal in implementing Events2HVAC, how well the software helped them achieve that goal, and which potential features they want added to the software. About 50% of our customers responded, and we thank them for their guidance! Their responses will help us prioritize our development efforts for 2015.

What was your primary goal in implementing Events2HVAC?

Saving time was the overwhelming motivator for implementing Events2HVAC, with 54% of respondents indicating it as their primary goal. The software eliminates redundant data entry for facility managers, allowing them to focus on more important tasks. It also reduces time wasted on calls to the facilities department from event planners and room users because rooms are comfortable for scheduled events.

Energy savings was the second most common primary goal, chosen by 24% of respondents. While reducing carbon footprint or other environmental motivators was a close third at 18%. Events2HVAC saves energy by running HVAC and lighting only in rooms that are scheduled and automatically returning them to unoccupied settings between events. Using less energy helps to reduce a building’s carbon footprint and achieve other environmental goals.

To what degree has Events2HVAC met your expectations to achieve your primary goal?

A whopping 76% of respondents indicated that Events2HVAC has met their expectations 100% in helping them achieve their primary goal. 

Most of the respondents who indicated Events2HVAC has met their expectations 75% or 50% explained that they are still early in the implementation, and they expect the software to meet their expectations fully once they have been using it longer and tracking their savings. No respondents indicated a lower level of satisfaction.

Which Events2HVAC features do you use?

Daily schedule reports and email alerts for failed commands are very popular, with 82% and 76% of respondents using them, respectively. Events2HVAC can be set up to send daily reports of scheduled events to subscribed email addresses so that facility managers can quickly review the events that will be happening – and automated – for the day. Similarly, users can subscribe to receive email alerts for commands sent by Events2HVAC that are not properly executed by the HVAC system, so that they can investigate the problem and take appropriate action.

The calendar view of scheduled events inside Events2HVAC is used less often, but 47% of respondents indicated they use the calendar to monitor scheduled events.

Events2HVAC was designed to work behind the scenes and be a true “facility manager’s autopilot.” It does not require daily access because users only need to login if rooms, equipment, or settings need to be changed. However, 29% of respondents indicated that they do login regularly, while 64% indicated that they login rarely and rely on the daily reports and alerts to keep them updated.

Seventy-six percent (76%) of respondents use remote desktop to login to the Events2HVAC client when necessary; while only 11% use remotely deployed clients at different locations. For managers with several buildings or several locations across town or across the state, both of these are good options. Deploying remote Events2HVAC clients requires a bit more work because the clients must all be updated each time the software is updated.

Just 11% of respondents are using dynamic zone scheduling to trigger off the first and last events of the day for occupied and unoccupied commands. This is a feature recently added to Events2HVAC by customer request to allow external door locks to open prior to the first event of the day and lock after the last event of the day, without locking between events if there are no events scheduled. This feature can also be used for large air handlers that you don’t want to turn on and off during the day, but you want to have dynamic start and stop times for each day based on scheduled events.

Which potential Events2HVAC features would help you achieve your primary goal?

Adding an energy savings report or analytics dashboard had the most widespread support, but no respondents rated as their #1 priority. The potential new feature with the most #1 responses was occupancy sensor integration so that rooms that are empty when meetings end early can be automatically set back to unoccupied before the scheduled end of the meeting.

Events2HVAC already has a pre-start time for each piece of equipment, but respondents indicated that there is clear support for adding optimal start options so that the pre-start time can adjust seasonally or because of existing environmental conditions at the time of the event.

Adding more device interfaces so that Events2HVAC works with more types of HVAC, lighting and security equipment was also a strong priority. We are working to add more interfaces as customers need them, so if there is a specific interface that you want us to develop, please let us know!

There was also significant support for developing a smart phone app or web interface for Events2HVAC. We have not done this yet out of security concerns. However, it is good to know that it is something our customers want, and we will do further research to determine how this could be done securely.

Last but not least, respondents indicated that would be helpful to have a mass editing feature so that all equipment linked in Events2HVAC can be edited at once instead of updating them one at a time. Events2HVAC does have a spreadsheet import feature for uploading equipment during setup, but once equipment is in the system, any changes have to be made to the individual item.

Thank you to all of our customers who participated in this survey. We truly appreciate your guidance, and we will strive to implement as many of the features you need as possible during 2015.

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