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No BAS? Integrate Room Schedules to Thermostats to Save Time and Energy

Sep 28

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Since November 2010, Events2HVAC has been helping facility managers from many types of organizations save time and energy by integrating room schedules to building automation systems (BAS).

But churches and other small organizations may not have a BAS. Instead, they may use networked (wired or wireless) thermostats to control HVAC. To help these organizations save energy, time, and money, Streamside Solutions has developed four interfaces to various types of wireless thermostats:

  1. ecobee (Bryant, Carrier)
  2. Honeywell
  3. Network Thermostats
  4. Pelican Wireless (Founten)

Each of the interfaces listed above may be purchased separately if an organization uses only one type of thermostat in their buildings. Or they may be purchased as a 4-pack if the organization has several types of networked thermostats, or if they want to have the flexibility to use different types of thermostats in the future. 

Click the link below to view our supported thermostats page, which lists specific thermostats that are compatible with Events2HVAC using one of these four interfaces.

Supported Thermostats

For additional information on Events2HVAC schedule integration, or to receive a quote for your organization, please contact sales@events2hvac or call (888) 320-4277, ext. 1.


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