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Events2HVAC Now Supports Pelican Wireless

Dec 29

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Streamside Solutions has developed a new device interface to compliment the array of HVAC interfaces already available to Events2HVAC™ users.  The new interface will command Pelican Wireless Systems thermostats. With this integration, scheduled events from any of our supported event providers will automatically set the thermostat to occupied mode prior to each event, and then return the thermostat to unoccupied mode when the event has ended.

Pelican Wireless

Pelican Wireless thermostats are a cloud- and mobile-controlled wireless solution for HVAC control in commercial buildings. Every thermostat is a stand-alone repeater and router. One Pelican gateway can connect up to 2000 thermostats to the Internet.

Streamside Solutions is excited to offer an Events2HVAC interface for these innovative thermostats. We look forward to working with Pelican Wireless Systems, its re-sellers, and its customers to provide event automation based on individual room schedules.

The Pelican Wireless thermostats device interface is available in Events2HVAC version 1.4.4, to be released in late December 2016.


About Events2HVAC

Events2HVAC software integrates room schedules with HVAC controls for true building automation. By heating and cooling rooms only when they are scheduled to be used, facilities reduce energy use 20% - 40%, eliminate redundant data entry, and save money.

Events2HVAC can also control lighting and security (door access) based on scheduled events. It is flexible and works with equipment from many HVAC, lighting, and security vendors.

To learn more about Events2HVAC, read how it works, browse some case studies, or visit our FAQs. If you would like to discuss the potential of using Events2HVAC in your facility, email sales@streamsidesolutions.com or call (888) 320-4277 ext. 1.


About Pelican Wireless Systems

Pelican Wireless offers Internet-enabled thermostats with temperature, humidity, and CO2 monitoring and management. No programming or scheduling is done at the thermostat. Pelican provides a Web application to centrally manage, schedule, and control all thermostats.

To learn more about Pelican Wireless thermostats, visit the Pelican Wireless Systems website, take a look at a Pelican demo site, or read a case study. If you would like to discuss using these thermostats in your facility, contact sales@pelicanwireless.com or call (888) 512-0490.

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