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Events2HVAC Professional: One Schedule to Rule Them All!

Apr 28

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4/28/2016 1:23 PM  RssIcon

Are you using multiple room scheduling systems on your campus?

No problem!

Events2HVAC Professional can rule them all. It is the only software that pulls data from multiple room scheduling systems and sends occupied/unoccupied commands to multiple building automation systems. Events2HVAC Professional eliminates heating and cooling empty rooms between events, saving energy without hours of tedious HVAC scheduling. 

Perhaps one department schedules rooms with EMS Software, another uses CollegeNet R25, and a third uses Microsoft Office 365 to schedule conference rooms for meetings. Events2HVAC Professional can pull all of them into one master schedule, queue up commands for the next 7 days, and send “occupied” and “unoccupied” commands to your BAS, HVAC, and security systems at the appropriate times.

Automating HVAC and security system schedules with this integration saves time and energy. Here's some sample results:

  • After implementing Events2HVAC, Wicomico County Public Schools in Maryland reported 99% reduction in HVAC scheduling time, cutting it to just 20 minutes every two weeks. (Read Wicomico Case Study.)
  • The Carolina Union at UNC Chapel Hill decreased electricity use related to cooling 33%, electricity use related to heating  16%, and chilled water use 29% with Events2HVAC. 
    (Read UNC Chapel Hill Case Study.)
  • Universities, colleges, K-12 schools, churches, convention centers, and government agencies across the U.S. and in Canada are using Events2HVAC to reduce energy use and minimize labor. (More Case Studies)

On many large campuses, departments operate independently. They often have their own scheduling systems. In order to integrate with Events2HVAC Standard, these organizations would either have to change to using one centralized scheduling system across all departments, or implement multiple instances of Events2HVAC across campus. It was a tough choice that caused many organizations to stall in their efforts to integrate their HVAC schedules.

But with the release this month of Events2HVAC Professional, whether your campus uses multiple instances of the same calendar (i.e. three separate Dean Evans EMS implementations), or several different types of calendars (i.e. two Dean Evans EMS, one Microsoft Office 365, and one Google Calendar) you can use one implementation of Events2HVAC Professional to integrate all of them to your building systems.

If you are interested in receiving an Events2HVAC proposal for your campus, or upgrading from Events2HVAC Standard to Events2HVAC Professional in order to expand your use of the software, please contact

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