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Events2HVAC v1.4.0 Released

Mar 10

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An updated version of Events2HVAC has been released for download for customers with an active software subscription. 

New Features

Standard and Professional Editions

With the release of Events2HVAC version 1.4.0, we have split the product into two editions: Standard and Professional. All 1.3.x and earlier users and license holders will hold a Standard edition license, and functionality will remain limited to one event provider.

Professional edition will enable Events2HVAC users to integrate to more than one type and/or instance of event provider with one instance of Events2HVAC. Additional features will be added to Events2HVAC Professional in the future, but at this time, single versus multiple event providers is the only difference between the two editions.

Note: If you are currently using Events2HVAC and would like to consider upgrading to Professional edition, please contact sales@events2hvac.com for a quote.

Support for Multiple Event Providers on Single Server

The new Professional edition of Events2HVAC allows you to connect multiple types of reservation systems and multiple instances of the same system so you can have a single campus scheduling source to control your building automation system(s).

For example, a college that uses EMS to schedule the student union, CollegeNet Series25 to schedule classes, and Microsoft Exchange to schedule administrative conference rooms, can use one implementation of Events2HVAC Professional to pull schedules from all of them. This new feature will also pull schedules from multiple instances of the same system (e.g. 3 EMS, 2 CollegeNet, 2 MS Exchange, etc.) for campuses with independent departments.

Google Calendar Event Provider

If you use Google Apps for Work (Business, Non-Profit, Education) or you have a free (personal) Google account, you can now use the calendar to control Events2HVAC zones. Google Apps makes use of the built-in calendar room resources feature for booking spaces. Google personal calendar will enable you to create additional calendars for each zone you want to control in E2H. Both options allow you to implement Events2HVAC using a very low-cost scheduling system with a familiar, easy to use calendar interface.

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Event Provider Manager

The event provider manager allows the user to manage and create one or multiple instances of any event provider for a single server instance. 

For Standard edition you can use the event provider manager to swap to different event providers without re-installing the software.

For Professional edition, create a new instance of any available event provider easily without reloading software. You can use as many instances as are allowed in your license.

Event Provider Schedule Updates Changes

All schedule data received from event providers during normal schedule update polling will be cached to the local database. This will allow the user interface to have a faster response when dealing with calendar and event data from systems that have slow response times.

Event Provider Schedule Backup Data

Previous versions of Events2HVAC kept 24 hours of scheduled actions (commands) in the command queue. This enables scheduled commands to be sent even if you might lose the connection to the event provider. Starting at v1.4.0, Events2HVAC will retrieve 7 days of schedule data once each day. This data will be cached to the local database and updated any time remote schedule data is retrieved.

Now for each regular schedule poll period, if live (remote) schedule data fails, Events2HVAC will look in the cache to see if backup data exists and use it if needed.

Upgrade Information

If you are upgrading from v1.3.x or earlier versions, please review the system requirement changes section below.

  • The latest version of .NET framework 4.5.2 or 4.6.x may require a server restart after installation.
  • Before upgrading, verify that you are not using SQL server 2005 (v9.x)
  • Make sure you make database backups as with any upgrade. If there is a problem during upgrade and you need to revert back to the previous version, you must have a database backup of the previous version.
  • If you want to take advantage of the Professional edition features (multiple event providers), you will need to upgrade your license to Professional.

Please review this link before updating software:

System Requirement Changes

We are dropping support for the following software:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Server 2003
  • SQL Server 2005
  • Proliphix NT Device Interface (Obsolete Product)

New requirements:

  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher (4.6.1 recommended)

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