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Don't Wait for BIoT

Dec 9

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The Building Internet of Things (BIoT) is getting a lot of buzz. Amazing futuristic descriptions of buildings that run themselves are all over the web and social media.

But reality is different. There are several different communications protocols being pushed by groups of manufacturers. Proprietary interests keep them from working together on one standard. It will most likely be years before one of them rises to the top.

New BIoT systems will require buying and wiring BIoT compatible sensors, disrupting work while new systems are installed, and investing in big data systems. They will be installed in high-dollar new construction first, because they will be too expensive and disruptive for existing buildings.

Bottom line: It will be at least a decade before the average facility is able to take full advantage of BIoT.

So what can you do to cut your energy expenses and make your job easier today?

You can integrate room schedules with your HVAC controls to eliminate heating and cooling empty rooms, reducing electricity use 20-40% over daily building schedules. This simple software solution will save your facility energy, time, and money while BIoT systems are going through the wringer of product development.

HVAC schedule integration is being used in universities, K-12 schools, churches, and government buildings with impressive results:

  • Appalachian State University proved 39.7% electricity savings and an ROI of 5 months in their student union. (Read Appalachian State Case Study.)
  • Wicomico County Public Schools in Maryland reduced HVAC scheduling time 99%, from 20 hours per week to just 20 minutes every two weeks. (Read Wicomico Case Study.)
  • The Carolina Union at UNC Chapel Hill decreased electricity use related to cooling 33%, electricity use related to heating 16%, and chilled water use 29%. (Read UNC Chapel Hill Case Study.)
  • Minnesota State University Moorhead is saving 10-15 man-hours per week in scheduling time and 45-55 cents per square foot annually in energy costs, with historical costs at $1.75 per square foot annually. (Read MSUM Case Study.)

So what are you waiting for?

Use Events2HVAC to integrate your room schedules with your HVAC systems in 2016, and when BIoT goes mainstream in 2026, you can use your energy and labor savings to pay for it!

Contact or call (888) 320-4277 ext. 1 to discuss your facility’s needs.

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