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Events2HVAC v1.3.2 Released

Nov 3

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An updated version of Events2HVAC has been released for download for customers with an active software subscription.

Events2HVAC v1.3.2 Highlights

Zone Action Triggers

Now you can trigger actions based on an entire building's scheduled occupancy each day. The new zone action triggers allow you to create a zone for your entire building or large areas (floors), trigger a start on the first scheduled event in that zone, and trigger a stop after the last scheduled event in that zone.

This is useful if:

  • You want to keep a large AHU from starting and stopping throughout the day based on individual room schedules.
  • You want to unlock outside doors to the building prior to the first scheduled event of the day and lock the doors after the last scheduled event of the day.
  • You want use Events2HVAC to to operate your large building's AHUs prior to actual scheduled occupied times instead of using a fixed weekly building schedule.

Re-Sync Failed Commands Automatically

As an extension of the new "Re-Sync" command feature from the previous release, this release will allow you to automatically try to re-sync any failed command immediately after the failure. This will allow for a quicker recovery if a room's state becomes out-of-sync with the expected state. Room states can get out of sync if your HVAC system has some unreliable controllers, network communication issues, or unexpected downtime.

Improved Email Notifications

HTML email formatting can be enabled to easily disseminate email notification of errors.

Release Notes

Critical Updates

  • R25: Fixed fatal error that occurred when certain R25 Exceptions were thrown.
  • R25: Fixed "Assembly Not Found" error after clicking on "Test Start" and "Test Stop" button on BACnet actions.

Database Schema Updates

  • Updates to schema v2.1.2
New Features and Enhancements
  • New Feature: Zone trigger actions for first event start and last event end for each day
  • New Feature: Report for actions and object references
  • New Feature: Automatically re-sync after failed commands
  • Improvement: Option to display vendor/model next to devices in BACnet Explorer
  • Improvement: Error context added to email subject line
  • Improvement: HTML email templates enabled
  • Improvement: R25 service call performance improved
  • Fixed: BACnet 60-day evaluation remains active even though a license code has been entered.
  • Fixed: Setup wizard fails to update data where building names (building codes) are blank in EMS.
  • Updated documentation
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Upgrading Existing Sites

Please review our guide for upgrading an existing installation of Events2HVAC on our customer support portal:

If you are upgrading from v1.1.3 or earlier please contact customer support for guidance:

Upgrading from v1.1.x to v1.3.x is considered a MAJOR upgrade since it involves some significant database updates and core functionality changes. Databases prior to v1.3 will be updated to the new schema. Once the upgrade has been performed on the database, it cannot be used on an E2H installation prior to v1.3. Make sure you backup your Events2HVAC database prior to updating!

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