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How Can You Help Others Succeed?

Oct 14

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If you are using Events2HVAC, you are an energy-efficiency leader.

Event automation through schedule integration of HVAC, lighting, and security systems is still a new idea to most facility managers. Though many institutions have aggressive energy-efficiency or carbon-neutral goals, most of them are still running heat, air conditioning, and lights in empty rooms. But you have learned how to stop that waste. You are an energy-efficiency leader.

So as a leader, what can you do to help others succeed?

You need to share your experiences with other facility managers, energy managers, HVAC professionals, and administrators. They can learn from your successes and from the obstacles you have overcome. 

Here are a few ways you can share your experiences and lead others to success:

  • Do some analysis of the energy, labor, and money you have saved using Events2HVAC and/or other energy-efficiency projects.
  • Write a summary of your results for your company newsletter or school newspaper – or invite a student to write an article.
  • Present your results and share your story of schedule integration at a local, regional, or national conference.
  • Participate at a round-table discussion at a conference or trade show.
  • Share your results with us, and we will feature them on our Events2HVAC blog, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Write an article about your energy efficiency efforts for a professional association newsletter.
  • Talk to other facility managers in your local area about Events2HVAC and other energy efficiency improvements you have completed.

We are all on the same team when it comes to saving energy and preserving our environment for future generations. Facility managers and energy-efficiency professionals need to share their successes to help others find solutions that work.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank some of our customers who have helped others by spreading the word of their Events2HVAC success. All of them have tracked their savings in one way or another, and shared their results with us for case studies. Most of them have also presented their results at conferences or shared them in another way with professional organizations and colleagues.

Our sincere gratitude goes out to:

Won’t you share your knowledge and experience?

If you are using Events2HVAC and you have results that you are willing to share, please email sales@events2hvac. We would love to hear from you!

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