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Savannah Christian Church "Automates" Their Building Automation System

Sep 24

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Savannah Christian Church in Savannah, GA, has been beta-testing the Events2HVAC™ software since July, 2010. They have fully integrated 38 rooms in two of their worship facilities; and their room reservation system is now controlling their HVAC equipment througout the building. They plan to expand their use of the software to additional buildings in the near future. 

Savannah Christian Church uses Dean Evans EMS® Professional for scheduling events. They have a Carrier I-Vu+ building automation system that communicates to the Events2HVAC system using BACnet/IP, an industry standard HVAC protocol. Events2HVAC connects these two independent systems together so that the HVAC systems that serve the individual rooms are only operating when the Dean Evans EMS has a confirmed event booked for those rooms.

This integration has shifted the burden of managing the comfort of the rooms during events to the facility employees/members who are hosting events, instead of relying on facility operations personnel to make sure the HVAC systems are on and the rooms are comfortable.

Previously, Savannah Christian scheduled their HVAC systems manually. They created schedules for each of the air handlers in four-hour blocks of time. Then they looked over the event schedules for each room and scheduled the units to be on for a block of time if an event was taking place during that block. This was done to strike a balance between saving energy and the labor-intensive process of manually scheduling HVAC equipment down to the room level for each event. While this method did reduce their energy use for HVAC units somewhat, additional savings will be achieved by integrating the two systems using Events2HVAC. Fully automating the process with EventsHVAC maximizes the energy savings and minimizes the labor required.

We are currently doing an energy analysis on the site and will report back when results are available.

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