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Who Is Using Events2HVAC?

Sep 29

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Potential customers and HVAC integrators often ask who is using Events2HVAC. Here is a “snapshot” of Events2HVAC users. Would your campus or organization benefit from event automation too?

Higher education campuses are in the lead in implementing Events2HVAC to integrate their room schedules with their HVAC, lighting, and security controls. Medium and large churches are not far behind. Here is a breakdown of Events2HVAC users by facility type:

We are excited that Events2HVAC is now being used in K-12 schools. We know there are a LOT of other K-12 schools that can benefit from this energy- and labor-saving software, just like Wicomico County Public Schools in Maryland where HVAC scheduling time was cut 99%!

Another way to categorize Events2HVAC users is by the systems that are integrated using Events2HVAC. The majority of Events2HVAC users are pulling room scheduling data from Dean Evans EMS. Some are using EMS Lite, while others use more robust versions such as EMS Professional, EMS Campus, or EMS District. We also have Events2HVAC users who schedule rooms with CollegeNet R25 or AsureSpace Resource Scheduler. We are hopeful that our new Microsoft Exchange and Office365 interface will become popular for event automation in the corporate market.

On the HVAC side, Events2HVAC users have many different types of building automation systems (BAS). The vast majority of them are using our BACnet/IP interface to communicate with their BAS, since many manufacturers make BAS systems that are BACnet enabled. But we also have interfaces designed specifically for Johnson Controls MSEA and P2000 security systems, and for Network Thermostats NetX thermostats. Here is a breakdown of Events2HVAC users by BAS/HVAC controls type:

A third way to categorize Events2HVAC users is to group them by geographic region. Events2HVAC users are spread across the US, from Georgia to Washington. We are currently working on our first international implementation at a university in Canada. Here is a breakdown of Events2HVAC users by region: 

The state with the most Events2HVAC users is Kansas, with five campuses automated. Coincidentally, Kansas is also the state where the concept of Events2HVAC was first conceived by a facility manager at Kansas University. You can read more about the birth of Events2HVAC at Kansas University on our blog.

Please send a email to sales@events2hvac.com or call (888) 320-4277 x 1 to discuss your campus' needs with a Streamside Solutions representative or schedule an online demo of Events2HVAC.

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