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Events2HVAC v1.3.1 Released

Sep 29

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9/29/2014 9:03 AM  RssIcon

An updated version of Events2HVAC has been released for download for customers with an active software subscription.


Upgrading from v1.1.x to v1.3.x is considered a MAJOR upgrade since it involves some significant database updates and core functionality changes.  Databases prior to v1.3 will be updated to the new schema.  Once the upgrade has been performed on the database it cannot be used on an E2H installation prior to v1.3.  Make sure you backup your Events2HVAC database prior to updating!

See the "Upgrading an existing installation" link below.

Critical Updates

  • BUG: In certain cases some Dean Evans EMS events with "Cancelled" status are treated as "Confirmed"

Database Schema Updates

  • Updates to schema v2.1.1
New Features and Enhancements
  • Recompile all components to use .NET framework 4.0
  • Update UI components to latest version
  • Microsoft Exchange/Office365 Event Provider (Preliminary)
  • New Feature: Option to automatically re-sync actions for each poll interval (existing users will need to enable this feature)
  • New Feature: Check for out-of-sync actions on restart of server (existing users will need to enable this feature)
  • New Feature: Manual re-sync all equipment actions or actions of selected equipment items (existing users will need to enable this feature)
  • New Feature: Notify of in-progress events prior to server shutdown (existing users will need to enable this feature)
  • New Feature: Save/Load selected BACnet objects in BACnet Explorer
  • Improvement: Warn user if creating an action that is duplicated somewhere else
  • Updated documentation
  • Misc bug fixes and performance improvements

Upgrading Existing Sites

Please review our guide for upgrading an existing installation on our support portal:

View Change Log

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