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New! Microsoft Exchange and Office365 Integration

Sep 16

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You can now use Events2HVAC to automatically schedule heating, cooling, lighting, and security in rooms scheduled with Microsoft Exchange or Office365. With an impressive return on investment and a minimum license of just 10 rooms, even small office buildings can now benefit from the energy and labor savings of event automation.

Events2HVAC is a software solution that pulls room reservation data and sends commands to HVAC, lighting, and security systems to automatically control individual rooms based on schedules. With Events2HVAC, you can stop heating and cooling empty rooms, saving energy, time, and money.

The diagram below illustrates how Events2HVAC (center) pulls data from Microsoft Exchange or Office365 (left) and sends commands to various types of systems (right).

Colleges, universities, churches, government agencies, and convention centers across the U.S. and in Canada are already saving money with Events2HVAC. Now offices and smaller organizations that are using Microsoft Exchange or Office365 to schedule conference rooms can save money too.

Events2HVAC saves money at least five different ways:

  1. Reduces energy use by running HVAC and lighting only in scheduled rooms.
  2. Eliminates redundant data entry required to manually schedule HVAC systems.
  3. Extends the useful life of HVAC and lighting equipment by running it fewer hours per day.
  4. Reduces maintenance costs of HVAC equipment by running it fewer hours per day.
  5. Eliminates human error in HVAC schedules, reducing stress and frustration.

We are currently seeking facilities that are interested in beta testing the new Microsoft Exchange and Office365 interface for Events2HVAC. Beta testers receive special benefits including using the software for free during the beta test period and a significant discount if an Events2HVAC license is purchased. If you are interested in this beta test opportunity, please contact or call (888) 320-4277 ext. 1.

For more information on the Microsoft Exchange and Office365 interface for Events2HVAC, see our Microsoft Exchange Event Provider Datasheet.

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