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Which Comes First, Energy Efficiency or Renewables?

Aug 26

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Facility managers are under a lot of pressure to reduce both operating expenses and carbon emissions. The pressure is causing some to invest in expensive renewable energy projects too quickly.

Grants, rebates and other incentives are plentiful for renewable energy projects. High-profile donors will pay big bucks to see their names associated with new solar or wind energy projects at their favorite colleges, universities, or other institutions.

But facility managers need to address energy efficiency first.


Switching to solar or wind power before addressing energy efficiency will result in purchasing more solar panels or wind turbines than necessary.

It is a simple example of the law of supply and demand. If you decrease your demand for energy by turning off heat, air, and lights in empty rooms with Events2HVAC; using more efficient light bulbs; and making your building envelope as efficient as possible before you invest in renewable energy, the supply you need will be reduced. In some cases, you may reduce your energy needs by 30-50% or more, which will significantly reduce the expense of switching to renewables in the future.

So before you invest in solar or wind energy for your campus, stop heating and cooling empty rooms.

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