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Aug 14

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No, this post is not about breakfast.

GRITS stands for Green Revolving Investment Tracking System. It is an online system for managing energy efficiency projects. Using GRITS, non-profit institutions can track financial, energy, and carbon data for individual energy efficiency projects – and for all their projects combined. Users can even see estimates of total savings projected for the life of a project.

Perhaps the most powerful aspect of GRITS is accessing data for all of your energy efficiency projects quickly and in one place. GRITS makes it easy to compare energy savings, return on investment (ROI), net present value (NPV), or carbon reduction across projects.

In fact, you can compare energy efficiency projects in three different phases, which really makes the tool powerful.

  1. Proposed: Enter data for proposed projects to compare several different projects and decide which ones to implement. Once your decision is made, you can change the status of your chosen project to “In-Progress,” and either delete projects that don’t make the cut or keep them as “Proposed” to consider later.
  2. In-Progress: Track your energy savings, carbon reduction, and other project results as your project is implemented. Because GRITS is designed for institutions using a Green Revolving Fund, you can also track the repayment of the loan from the fund. There are several different types of reports you can generate, which can be exported as PDF files or printed.
  3. Completed: You decide when a project is complete. For some institutions, projects may be complete when the implementation is complete. For others, it might be complete when the Green Revolving Fund is completely replenished for the cost of the project. Either way, you will be able to look back and examine the success of all of your completed projects. You can also view projects shared by other institutions within GRITS, which may give you some good ideas for your next project.

GRITS was developed by the Sustainable Endowments Institute for the 43 institutions that have taken on the Green Billion Challenge. These institutions have created Green Revolving Funds to pay for energy efficiency projects, and they repay the funds with savings from the projects so the money can be used over and over again. The goal of the Green Billion Challenge is for member institutions to save a total of a billion dollars as a result of energy efficiency projects. However, GRITS is also open to institutions that are not part of the Green Billion Challenge through the GRITS Affiliate program.

We would love to see how Events2HVAC stacks up against other energy efficiency projects in the GRITS database. If you are working at an institution that is a member of the Green Billion Challenge, or if you decide to use GRITS through their affiliate program, consider setting up Events2HVAC as a “Proposed” energy efficiency project for your building or campus and let us know how it turns out!

If you would like to see a brief demo of GRITS in action, see this video: GRITS in 6 minutes

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