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Stop Heating and Cooling Empty Rooms!

Aug 11

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Every event deserves a comfortable environment. But how much energy is your facility or campus wasting by heating and cooling empty rooms?

It is time consuming to schedule heating and cooling for individual rooms. More often, entire buildings are heated or cooled from morning to night – even if only half of the rooms are being used at any given time. This is particularly wasteful at colleges and universities, where 90% of the facility managers we have talked to are running on building occupancy schedules with no regard to room schedules.

But on most campuses, rooms are already scheduled by event planners or academic schedulers using some type of scheduling software.

Why not use those schedules to turn the air conditioning and heat on and off?

  • How much energy would your campus or building save?
  • How much time would event planners save coordinating with the facilities department?
  • How much time would the facilities department save by NOT manually entering schedules that are already in a different scheduling software?
  • How much would your campus reduce its greenhouse gasses?
  • How much longer would your heating a cooling equipment last if you reduce the run time each day by 20, 30 or 40%?
  • How much money would you save for your campus or building when all of the above are combined?

Obviously answers to the questions above will vary widely depending on how your buildings are currently scheduled, your room occupancy rate, your climate, and other variables. But in most cases, the savings will be significant.

The Cheapest and ‘Greenest’ Energy is Energy that Is Not Used!

Events2HVAC event automation software from Streamside Solutions pulls data from room scheduling software (Dean Evans EMS, CollegeNet R25, AsureSpace ResourceScheduler, EmergingSoft MeetingPlanner, etc.), and sends commands to building automation systems to automatically heat and cool individual rooms, unlock and lock doors, and control lighting based on event schedules. It eliminates both wasted energy and time-consuming schedule coordination.

Streamside Solutions originally developed this software as a custom integration for the University of Kansas student unions more than 10 years ago. In November 2010, Events2HVAC became a commercially available product. It is currently helping universities, churches, convention centers, and government agencies save energy, time, and money throughout the US and in Canada.

Our largest implementation of Events2HVAC is 17 buildings at Minnesota State University Moorhead. According to Physical Plant Manager Jeff Goebel, Events2HVAC is helping him save $1 million/year in energy expenses, while significantly reducing time spent coordinating schedules, unlocking doors for events, and even cleaning classrooms.

After one of our smallest implementations, just 20 rooms in the student union at Appalachian State University, Energy Analyst Patrick Richardson found that the electricity savings related to the air handler fans in those rooms was nearly 40%. Without even considering savings related to the chiller or boiler for those rooms, Richardson calculated the return on investment (ROI) for the project at just five months.

For more information about Events2HVAC, check out the following resources:

You can also call toll-free (888) 320-4277 to talk to a Streamside Solutions representative about the needs of our own campus or building.

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